Dark Asana

Whale Sharks

Hilarious… So, I’m standing on the aft deck of the dive boat today gearing up in my harness and twinset. One of my clients jumped in the water ahead of me and I kept an eye on him as I got settled into my rig. I noticed him looking down and panicing as he made his way back to the swim ladder. He looked up with a white face and trembling noticeably. I asked him what was down there and he could hardly speak. Turns out that there were two juvenile whale sharks placidly milling around beneath the boat. Didn’t help matters when I told him that they eat plankton, not divers. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one in real life, but they are really graceful and slow moving animals. Saw three species of barracuda today as well. 

Diving is the shit… yup.

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